We open in October each year for Scary Good Fun!

Haunted Trail Halloween Event Athens Georgia

We will be open for the 2015 haunt season with a haunted walking trail through the woods and other activities like story telling and marshmallow roasting.  This October event is a unique alternative to all the kiddie corn mazes and predictable haunted houses. 

What is Zombie Farms?

The zombie apocalypse is upon us.  Come to Zombie Farms and witness the dawn of a new era instead of hiding in your home and barricading the doors and windows.  The government media complex would have you believe the undead must be feared and destroyed.  One farmer knows better.  He has discovered the secret to repressing the blood cravings of the undead and putting them to better use.  So when you see strange slow moving scarecrows working nearby fields fear not.  The solution to the crippled economy and global climate change is at hand: a labor force that will require no payment, never complain, never pollute the environment, and never rest. 

2014 Promo Video

Describing the ZF Experience

Zombie Farms is an experience where you play the starring role.  Our forest trail is designed to tell you a story using scenes and actors who help immerse you in the darkest parts of your imagination...  the places you rarely visit.  If you come ready to have some fun, we promise you won't be disappointed!

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Haunted House Athens GA

So we may not be a typical haunted house or athens ga corn maze, but if you are looking for a haunted house or haunted attraction near Athens, GA or anywhere in NorthEast Georgia, you don't want to miss Zombie Farms!  You get a full 1/2 mile walk through dark and spooky woods filled with zombies and other characters who will scare you, entertain you, and sometimes even make you laugh.  2015 will have a whole new theme that is sure to give you a thrill! 

  • Haunted Trail located right outside Athens GA
  • 1/2 mile trail through dark and spooky woods
  • Campfire area for marshmallow roasting
  • Story telling
  • Photo Op area so you can make some memories
  • Check out the Zombie Farms bus while you are here
  • Great fun for families, high school or college clubs, boy and girl scout groups, date nights, sorority / fraternity groups, church groups, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties.