Fundraising Opportunity at Zombie Farms

FUN Raising!Fundraising in 2017 for your organization doesn't have to be bland.  You need to excite your supporters into a frenzy of raising money for your budget.  These days there are just so many different organizations running fund drives that parents and the community are bombarded with requests for donations and gift purchasing.   It all ends up looking the same.    

Time to break the mold in fundraising!  We can help you create a new excitement in the fundraising process and obtain new levels of financial return.   

We are the owners of Zombie Farms, an October nights farm attraction.  It's similar to a corn maze but with full theatrical sets in the woods and over 60 actors.  Zombie Farms definitely play up the “scary” but our focus is always overall family entertainment.  The families of your community have come to love visiting us on those cold October weekend nights

Zombie Farms will help you raise money. 2017 will be our fifth year running, and we are now offering a new fundraising opportunity to groups like yours.

During the Summer of 2017, we will be offering a deal where your group can receive $5 / ticket BACK TO YOU, when you sell ZF tickets.  This opportunity is ONLY available through the end of August, so if you are interested, email us today at to find out how to sign up.

Benefits to fundraising with Zombie Farms:

  • Zombie Farms is a one of a kind experience.  There is literally nothing else like it in our community.
  • Many of your supporters and members are already Zombie Farm customers.  We've had over 13,000 customers in four years.
  • 2016 was a fantastic year for customer feedback.  Every year we've gotten better but in 2016 of the 4000 customers we did not receive one single negative feedback comment or review. 
  • Your effort is minimal.   Tickets will be purchased from our website.  All your supporters have to do is type your organization's name in the blank and you will receive full credit for the sale.
  • We staff our event by hiring over 80 people from the local community.  If you bought products from a magazine then some of your money is going to someone else’s community.   Probably overseas.  When you buy a ticket to Zombie Farms, you are helping support people in your community.

Email Cynthia ASAP at to get registered or to ask questions.   We are signing up groups now, so don’t miss this chance. The fundraising opportunity will only be offered over the summer.   We would love to help you and your organization this year.