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We are re-scheduling tonight's casting call due to the rain.  Please plan to come next weekend, Aug 25th, 7-11pm. 
Get details here.  Come and join the horde!

Scary Campfire Storytelling

One of Zombie Farms unique entertainment elements is our storytelling.  Every year our professional storyteller, Dave, will have you checking under your bed before you sleep by infecting your mind with new and unique creepy stories told only at Zombie Farms.  That's right.  When you come to Zombie Farms, you will experience a unique Creepy Pasta style horror story narrated by a professional storyteller in a creepy barn.  It's a service unique to Zombie Farms.

Here are a couple of examples from 2015 to help you get into the mood.  Make sure you listen with headphones and with the lights on low.  And don't forget to tell your friends when you go to Zombie Farms!

The Groth


The Bus of Dolls