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October 2024 is our 12th season

Halloween Event Haunted Trail Athens GA

Looking for a haunted house or Halloween event in Athens GA?

We will be OPEN Oct 5, 11-12, 18-19, 25-26, and Nov 1-2.  We will NOT be open Halloween night.

So we may not be a typical haunted house or Athens GA corn maze, but if you are looking for a haunted house or haunted attraction near Athens, GA or anywhere in NorthEast Georgia, you don't want to miss Zombie Farms!  You get a full 3/4 mile walk through dark and spooky woods filled with scary monsters and creepy characters who will scare you, entertain you, and sometimes even make you laugh.  2024 will have a whole new theme that is sure to give you a thrill! 

  • Haunted Trail located right outside Athens GA
  • 3/4 mile long trail of unique horror sets - it's not just woods - you'll view many elaborate sets and scenes on your journey
  • *Halloween Forest* - UPDATED FOR 2024 with NEW PATH MARKERS to help you navigate the trails - This winding trail through the woods is separate from the regular trail.  With cool scenery and different paths, you will want to make sure you get here early enough to enjoy it! Open 7:30-10pm.
  • 50+ professionally trained scary actors
  • An immersive Hollywood style story theme that progresses through out the trail
  • Story telling - ghost stories, ZF style!
  • Great fun for families, high school or college clubs, boy and girl scout groups, date nights, sorority / fraternity groups, church groups, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties.

North Georgia's #1 Haunted Trail celebrates 11 years in operation

Zombie Farms has helped Athens celebrate Halloween since 2012 and is looking forward to the 2023 season with great anticipation! ZF is a haunted walking trail through the woods with many sets and scenes to enjoy.  This annual fall event is a unique alternative to all the kiddie corn mazes and predictable haunted houses.  The trail is different every year, so no matter how many times you have visited before, you will enjoy all new scares and scenes!

Halloween Forest opens at 7:30pm.  Main trail begins at 8pm.   Gates close at 10:45, but we run the trail until all guests have gone through.  Please note that the Halloween Forest closes 30 minutes BEFORE the main trail, so please arrive by 10pm, if you wish to experience both events.

2024 Ticket Prices

Due to inflation and increasing credit card processing fees, tax and service charges are now in addition to the ticket price.  Cash is the best way to buy without having to pay those fees.  The cheapest tickets will be cash on non-peak nights.

Non-peak Nights: Oct 5, 11, 12, 18, Nov 1, Nov 2

  • Cash - $33 (includes tax)
  • Card - $33 + tax and card processing fees
  • Online - $33 + tax and processing fees
  • Groups of 10 or more - $30/person plus card fees

Peak Nights: Oct 19, 25, 26

  • Cash - $35 (includes tax)
  • Card - $35 + tax and card processing fees
  • Online - $35 + tax and processing fees
  • Groups of 10 or more - $32/person plus card fees

2024 Haunted Trail Theme

Eleven years ago, Zombie Farms began as a zombie preserve.   But it hasn't been smooth sailing!  We have battled government entities who sought to control us, witches who sought revenge, ghosts who are never at rest and a chaotic of mix other creatures who wished to inhabit our farm from vampires and werewolves to fiends, hoodlums and demons.  

Last year, The Clown Mother brought chaos and madness as she took over the Zombie Farms property.  Her goal was to create joy in a world full of desperation.  But her idea of joy was twisted from years of being under the thumb of the Shadow Collector.  She reaches for you in your dreams.  We had to work together to fight off her JOYFUL MADNESS and keep it from infecting everyone.  

So what darkness will 2024 bring?  We can't tell you everything yet, but it is an ANCIENT evil and it also involves true love surviving at all costs.  Stay tuned and don't miss it out on the best Hallloween fun in Athens Georgia!