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2023 Calendar:

The Halloween Forest opens at 7:30pm.  Main trail begins at 8pm.  Gates close at 10:45, but we run the trail until all guests have gone through.  Please note that the Halloween Forest closes 30 minutes BEFORE the main trail, so please arrive by 10pm, if you wish to experience both events.

2024 Ticket Prices

Due to inflation and increasing credit card processing fees, tax and service charges are now in addition to the ticket price.  Cash is the best way to buy without having to pay those fees.  The cheapest tickets will be cash on non-peak nights.

Non-peak Nights: Oct 5, 11, 12, 18, Nov 1, Nov 2

  • Cash - $33 (includes tax)
  • Card - $33 + tax and card processing fees
  • Online - $33 + tax and processing fees
  • Groups of 10 or more - $30/person plus card fees

Peak Nights: Oct 19, 25, 26

  • Cash - $35 (includes tax)
  • Card - $35 + tax and card processing fees
  • Online - $35 + tax and processing fees
  • Groups of 10 or more - $32/person plus card fees


The Zombie Farms experience takes place on a real farm just outside the bright lights of Athens Georgia.  Zombies are not treated with fear and disgust on this unqiue farm.  Here we provide a safe environment for the living-challenged.  We have designed a forest trail specifically for zombies so that they can rest and exist in their natural habitat.  If you are one of the undead, we welcome you with open arms.  Breathers are welcome to visit but for your safety we do not recommend staying too long.  Our zombies are behaved but their condition leaves them longing for acts of aggression while in the presence of the living.

About the Owners

Little is known about the true owners of Zombie Farms.  There are rumors that a co-op partnership was setup by an anonymous trust board representing an old order of anarchists called the Omega Corporation.  They are believed to be countering the public works of the free masons.  There were news reports of the OC back in 2016, but their movement seems to have gone silent since.  If you would like to learn more about this mysterious group you will have to secretly join their cast and explore the truth for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Dark Trail?
The Dark Trail is a scary trail presented by Zombie Farms on select weekend nights, during the Halloween season.  It will take about 30 minutes to traverse and is full of scary characters, zombies, swamp fog, strange noises and dark imagery.

Is the theme always about Zombies?
Of course not! The storyline progresses each year based on the year before it.  There will always be zombies but they aren't the focus of the story each year.  Prepare to be frightened by all sorts of ghouls, goblins, witches, and cleaver wielding maniacs.

Do you accept credit cards?
We prefer cash since it helps the lines move faster (which is better for all of our customers), but yes, we can accept credit cards as well.

Is there anything new at Zombie Farms this year?
Every year has a new theme, and the trail is completely redesigned to match that theme.  

New Event for 2023!
This year we have a SUNDAY NIGHT EXCLUSIVE event geared toward those who want to enjoy the trail with less crowds and take their time to see the scenery and soak in the ambience without being chased by scare actors.  MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO ATTEND.  LIMITED TICKETS WILL BE SOLD.  There will be a few actors on the trail who will be willing to pose for pictures or simply answer questions.  You can interact with them, take pictures or videos, or just walk the trail at a more leisurely pace.  Tickets are available now.

Can I bring my children?
We have found some of our most enthusiastic customers to be families with children over the age of 10.  There is nothing more thrilling to us than to see a family go through the trail together. The trail is dark and scary and will probably be too intense for most young children.  However, if you have a child you feel can handle the scares, the age limit is just a recommendation and not a requirement.  Just let the ticket sellers know you understand it is scary and feel comfortable with taking a younger child.  Please remember there are no refunds if they get too scared, and there are no quick routes off the trail without going back through scary scenes.

What age can walk the trail without an adult?
We ask that all kids under 16 be accompanied by an adult. Due to recent property damage by younger teens, we ask that they do not attend alone.

Are there strobe lights?
Yes.  We do use some strobe lights as it tends to keep the zombies self-focused instead of watching the living visitors.

Is the trail suitable for those who are pregnant?
No.  We do not recommend any who is pregnant to walk the trail.  There are jump scares, fog, and many other factors that may cause an intense reaction.  The trail is also very natural with roots and debris, so it's possible to fall or stumble, if you get frightened.

What kind of trail is it?
The trail is similar to nature hiking trails in state parks.  It is about 3/4 mile long and does go up and down with the terrain.  Always walk - never run!

What clothing / shoes should I wear?
We recommend tennis shoes, boots or any kind of good walking shoe.  This is a nature trail, so you want shoes that are appropriate to the terrain.  It can be muddy in October, so don't wear your favorite pair of shoes.  We do not recommend flip flops, crocs, sandals, or any open-toed shoes.  We also recommend long sleeves and pants (especially since October nights can be chilly).

Will anyone touch me?
We have conditioned the zombies to forgo their supernatural urges to consume living flesh so no one should touch or eat any part of your body.  But the trail can be close quarters sometimes, so it's possible you may bump into or brush against one of our actors while trying to get away.   They will be trying extra hard this year to maintain a respectable distance from our guests.

Is the trail wheelchair accessible?
Sorry, no.  The terrain is hilly, and the forest has natural roots, twigs and other debris that would make it impossible to use a wheelchair.

Will you be open if it is raining?
Make sure you follow us on our facebook page since we post closings or rain delays there.  We will also post that information on this website.  Additionally, we will email any ticket holders for that night.

Can I be sent home for bad behavior?
Yes! We do not allow drinking, intoxication, vulgar behavior, foul language, acts of aggression, or weapons.  The zombies are not allowed to touch you so you are not allowed to touch them.

Would this be a good event for church youth groups?
Absolutely.  While the trail is a zombie infested zone, we have been careful to avoid many aspects of controversy and will remove anyone who is openly intoxicated, using foul language or acting inappropriately.  Cynthia (one of the owners) is a bonafide preacher's kid and has worked hard to make sure this will be a fun event for church members.

Can I get a refund if I don't like the trail?
No.  We will not give refunds for any reason.  Although we hope this is not an issue we will be confronted with since we are striving to make this as fun as possible.  We truly hope you enjoy your time at Zombie Farms!

Halloween Athens Ga

As you can see from our posters each year, the story line and theme is very different each year.  We make more significant changes to the trail, sets, story and actors than any other haunted house or scary trail.

  The FULL ZF Story


What is Zombie Farms

Each year is a new theme and new story, but it all started with a farmer and an idea.  This little video back-story from our first year in 2012 will let you know how it all got started!

A Little Taste

Here is a little sample of what it's like at Zombie Farms...  but remember, every year is different at Zombie Farms.  Every year we change the theme, sets, and create all new ways to scare the undead out of you.