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Casting Call Dates

  • Returning Actors / Cast - August 22, 2020 7:30-10:30pm.  This is for RETURNING CAST ONLY.
  • New and Returning Cast Members - August 29, 2020 - 7:00-11:00pm.  This is for New cast AND Returning cast members.  This includes anyone who wants to participate including actors, makeup and support team members.

Cast Bio Packet & Forms - everyone must complete one

Are you applying as a NEW CAST member?  If so, the below forms are for you!  (You only need to complete ONE form...  you can choose the Online OR the Printable)
  • Online Form for NEW CAST - Click here (2020 form coming soon) - please print signature page and bring with you 
  • Printable Form for NEW CAST - click here for PDF version - cliick here for Word version (2020 forms coming soon)

Are you applying as a RETURNING CAST member?  If so, the below forms are for you!  (You only need to complete ONE form...  you can choose the Online or the Printable)

  • Online Form for RETURNING CAST - click here (2020 form coming soon) - please print signature page and bring with you
  • Printable Form for RETURNING CAST - click here for PDF version - click here for Word version (2020 forms coming soon) 

All people interested in joining the team will need to complete and submit a Casting Call Bio (above).  Be sure to print out the signature page and bring the signed copy with you.

Important to know:

  • You need to be at least 16 (with parent's permission) to participate, although we prefer 18 and up.  If you are 16 or 17, please bring a signed letter from your parents along with contact information, so we can check with them.
  • We may be working as late as 1am on busy nights.
  • We prefer cast members who can work all nights we are open, but if you cannot work all nights, you can still enjoy a volunteer role (minimum 2 night commitment).

What to Bring/Wear to a Casting Call:

  • Please submit BEFORE you come (link above), if possible.  Bring your signature page with you, so we have the original on file.  If you cannot submit it, please arrive about 6:30 so you have time to fill one out before we begin.  We will have some blank copies on hand.
  • Bring some water to drink, it's hot outside!
  • Wear long pants and closed toe shoes.  We go into the woods and there are briars and bugs.
  • Bring a small flashlight since we will be outside after sunset.
  • Bug spray is highly recommended!
  • A light raincoat or umbrella might be useful.  We sometimes get pop-up rain showers this time of year.  They don't usually last long, so if we can keep going, we will!

What to Expect at a Casting Call:

  • We will introduce the owners and give you an overview of what Zombie Farms is as en event and what you can expect as an actor or crew member.
  • We will introduce some of the long term cast members and people helping with the casting call.
  • We will discuss some general scare acting techniques
  • We will do some scare acting exercise, as a group
  • Then...  we go into the woods and try it out on the trail!
  • Be ready to show us what you've got!  We may ask you to act out different characters, since we need zombies, demented humans, and other creatures on the trail.  Don't be shy.  This is the time to let it all hang out!

Types of Actors:

  • Zombies (of course)2015 Cast
  • Humans (most of our actors will be a crazy, demented human)
  • Creatures, monsters

Other Types of Roles:

  • Customer service helpers for front end
  • Runners (helps management and maintenance during the night)
  • Security (typically assigned to someone who has worked at ZF before)
  • Makeup helper (previous experience required)
  • Makeup Area Manager (previous experience required in managing people) - this job requires coordinating the actors to get their makeup and keeping the makeup area clean and tidy each night.

Zombie Farms Cast 2015

We are always excited to get in touch with people who want to Join the Horde!  You are welcome to fill out the form at the bottom of the page to tell us you are interested.  Also, we recommend that you join our mailing list and like us on Facebook, so we can stay in touch with you and you won't miss our casting calls or other opportunities!  Join early and you can be a part of an awesome event!

About Zombie Farms

What is it like working at Zombie Farms?
Speak to any former member or cast and you will hear there is no better place to work than at Zombie Farms.  Where else can your release your inner monster, scare random people to the point that some will literally wet their pants in fear, and you don't go to jail for doing it?  Scaring not for you?  That's not a problem.  If you just love acting and performing in front of strangers then we need you too.  Not every role is a monster, some are for visual show, and some for story telling.  Zombie Farms is not your typical haunted house / scary trail.  We specialize in story telling, and we do that through our actors.  That means our show is only as good as your enthusiasm.  So experienced actors or first time haunters - if you bring the passion to put on a show, then we need you.  By the end of the event, you will feel like you are part of a new extended family.  Maybe a little like Adams family - but a family nevertheless.

Join the Horde What kind of people are we looking for?
All kinds, and we mean that literally.  Young, old, petite, plus sized, short, tall, slow and fast. 

Are all workers paid?
We only have a set number of paid positions - about 75.  But all paid positions must work all weekends we are open from 7pm up to possibly 1am on the busy nights.  This year we will be open the ALL WEEKENDS in October, Friday and Saturday nights PLUS Nov 1-2.  We also accept and love our volunteers.  If you won't be able to commit to all weekends then please talk to us about your availability for volunteering.  You can't have more fun anywhere else.

Do I need to be able to do my own makeup and costume?
We will have makeup folks on site to help you with makeup.  Some people like to bring their own makeup to use, but we will have plenty as well.  Each part is very different when it comes to the costuming.  So we may have a costume we let you use or we may give you a recommendation on what we want you to wear.  Anything we suggest would be something you can pick up cheaply at a thrift store.

Many of our acting positions are required to wear masks, so please be prepared to wear one if your role requires it.

I'm not overly social.  Will I fit in?
Come on! Who do you think joins the Horde? A bunch of social butterflies? Well, ok, we might have a couple of those too, but seriously...  as long as you aren't a jerk the Zombie Farm cast family accepts everyone.  We treat each other as equals, and to be honest most of us were probably outside the cool kid circles in high school.  We do not discriminate based on religion, sex, sexual preference, race, nationality, political affiliation, economic status, height, weight, clothing, tattoos, hair length, nose piercings, birth rank, car color, sneaker brand, phone service, dwelling type, sleep schedule, mathematical ability, favorite Dungeons & Dragons class type, reality show fandom, dog/cat lovers or favorite drink.  We will however outcast you if you have never seen the original Star Wars trilogy.  We just have to draw the line somewhere.  You better believe Han shot first!

What's it like to work at a Haunted House / Scary Trail?
We did not make the following video.  It was made by The Circle of Ash in Iowa, but the lady is spot on in describing what it is like to work at any haunted event.

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