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We are open for the 2020 season!


Halloween Event Haunted Trail Athens GA

Looking for a haunted house in Athens GA?

We ARE prepping to be OPEN for the 2020 season.  We are working on ways to make the haunt safe and fun for everyone to enjoy!

So we may not be a typical haunted house or Athens GA corn maze, but if you are looking for a haunted house or haunted attraction near Athens, GA or anywhere in NorthEast Georgia, you don't want to miss Zombie Farms!  You get a full 3/4 mile walk through dark and spooky woods filled with scary monsters and creepy characters who will scare you, entertain you, and sometimes even make you laugh.  2019 will have a whole new theme that is sure to give you a thrill! 

  • Haunted Trail located right outside Athens GA
  • 3/4 mile long trail of unique horror sets - it's not just woods - you'll view many elaborate sets and scenes on your journey
  • *Rope maze* - optional new addition this year.  Maze through woods that is separate from the regular trail.  No scare actors.  Just dark woods that you have to find your way out!
  • 30 professionally trained scary actors
  • An immersive Hollywood style story theme that progresses through out the trail
  • Story telling - ghost stories, ZF style!
  • Great fun for families, high school or college clubs, boy and girl scout groups, date nights, sorority / fraternity groups, church groups, birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties.

We open at 8pm each night.  Gates close at 10:45

*No actor nights (3 Sunday night options) - we will have staff on site but actors will not be doing jump scares or be in costume.  These nights are great for Halloween enthusiasts who enjoy taking their time to enjoy the scenery, folks who might be too scared to come with scare actors, and those who prefer smaller crowds.

2020 Ticket Prices

  • $25 gate price
  • $23 online price - Click to buy
  • $22 per person for groups of 4-9 (purchased as a single transaction)
  • $20 per person group rate (10 or more purchased as a single transaction)
  • $20 active or retired military (please show ID)
  • $20 Sunday nights - all tickets

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - Buy your tickets online for a discount.  


2020 Haunted Trail Theme

Many years ago the SCP foundation was drawn to Zombie Farms for their own nefarious purposes.  The SCP Foundation is known for exploring supernatural phenomenon to better understand and contain the threats in our society.  Their motto is "Secure.  Contain.  Protect."  So they descended on the Zombie Farms property with the mission of containing the Witch of Winterville and learning more about her powers.  Because of the remote location in the woods near Athens, GA they decided it would be an ideal place to bring other SCP curiosities for more study as well.  Led  by Dr.  Hammerstein, who was not known for his humanitarian policies, tragedy befelll those who followed him.  ►This year sees the return of a boy, now grown, who lost both his parents to the SCP Foundation.  He has become a horror movie director, and he has contracted to use the woods of ZF to shoot 13 horror movies on the same property his parents met their demise.  Come visit the sets and enjoy a back stage pass to see the genius of his madness.  Is it all what it seems or is there a more sinister purpose to his presence in the woods of Oglethorpe county?

North Georgia's #1 Haunted Trail

Zombie Farms has helped Athens celebrate Halloween since 2012 and is looking forward to the 2020 season with great anticipation! ZF is a haunted walking trail through the woods with many sets and scenes to enjoy.  This annual fall event is a unique alternative to all the kiddie corn mazes and predictable haunted houses.  The trail is different every year, so no matter how many times you have visited before, you will enjoy all new scares and scenes!